Lancashire police called to London

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POLICE from Lancashire are being sent to London as rioting continues to spread across the capital.

Some 76 officers will provide assistance to an increasingly overstretched Metropolitan Police Force but Lancashire Constabulary’s ability to deal with crime will not be affected.

Assistant Chief Constable Peter White said: “Lancashire Constabulary can confirm that it is providing mutual aid to the Metropolitan Police Service during the ongoing disturbances in and around London.

“Three Lancashire Police Support Units, a total of 76 officers, have been deployed along with a Public Order Commander to assist colleagues in the Met with the operation.

“We would reassure the public of Lancashire that the Constabulary’s ability to deal with and prevent crime during this time will not be affected.

“Whilst we have not cancelled rest days or annual leave at present, we have made a decision not to approve any new requests for leave or rest days for the duration of the operation in London.”