Knife found hidden in sock

Burnley Magistrates Court
Burnley Magistrates Court
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A schizophrenic said to have threatened a woman was found with a four inch knife hidden in his sock, a court heard.

Hamza Akram (22) told police he heard voices in his head warning him his life was in danger and carried the blade for protection.

Pennine magistrates were told Akram, who was on licence from a 42 month jail term for burglary, had been living on the streets for several weeks and had not taken his medication. He now faces being recalled to custody.

Akram, who gave an address on Colne Road but is said to be homeless, admitted having an article with a blade on February 8th. The defendant was remanded in custody for a pre-sentence report until March 2nd.

Prosecutor Tracy Yates told the hearing police received a call from a female, who claimed Akram had been in her house and threatened her. Officers found him at the back of Bar Street and searched him. There was no charge in relation to the female but a knife was found secreted in his sock.

Miss Yates said: “He was interviewed and admitted he had it in his right sock. He said he had it with him for protection as it was a rough area. He knew he was in the wrong possessing it.”

The defendant had 60 offences on his record and received the 42 month sentence in February 2012. He was in breach of a conditional discharge.

Adnan Hanif (defending) said he had been under a care order until he was 21. The defendant had been living on the streets for six or seven weeks. The solicitor continued: “He would himself say that for the last six weeks he has not taken his medication. In his interview, he has said he hears voices in his head that tell him his life is in danger and he has to carry some protection. They disappear when he takes his medication.”

The solicitor said: “He would say if his mental health issues were under control this offence would not have been committed. The sad thing is he’s got mental health problems and he’s got no accommodation. I would say he is quite a vulnerable young man.”