Kirkby couple sentenced for bus shelter sex session

A Kirkby couple who hit the headlines after they were filmed having sex in a bus shelter have been sentenced for outraging public decency.
Police were calledPolice were called
Police were called

A resident of Victoria Road heard Carol Taylor and Alan Severn being noisy at 7.45pm, on August 1, last year, and thought they were drunk.

“They engaged in oral sex, first performed by Ms Taylor and then attempted by Mr Severen,” said prosecutor Robert Carr.

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“A short time after Ms Taylor took her trousers down, exposing her bottom, and then they started to engage in sexual intercourse that went on for about ten minutes.”

Police were called, and in a subsequent interview Taylor declined to answer questions and Severn denied it.

Taylor was last in court in 2009 for criminal damage, and Severn had appeared in 2007 for a driving matter.

Emma Cornell, mitigating, said: “The facts for this case speak for themselves. They fully accept the offence. “When it occured it was a relatively new relationship, they had been drinking that day.

They weren’t seeking to upset or offend.

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“They were in their own little world and behaved as they did - it is something they regret.

“Footage was posted on social media and picked up by national newspapers.

“They want to assure you through me that they won’t repeat this offence.”

Taylor, 49, and Severn, 41, of Cherry Avenue, admitted outraging public decency, when they appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Friday.

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Probation officer Raqia Bano said Taylor had been drunk and could not remember what happened, but that “one thing led to another.”

Presiding magistrate Keith Ward said: “It certainly goes beyond exposure - this shows total disregard for the general public while in drink.

“You played an equal part in this offence so we have two sentences, but we think the sentences are equal.”

They were both given 12 month community orders, but Severn must carry out 150 hours of unapid work, while Taylor must complete 20 rehabilitation activity days.

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They were each ordered to pay £170 in costs and surcharges. The resident was trying to eat her tea when the pair caught her eye and she decided to film them on her phone.

She told the Sun newspaper: “I was just sat in my front room eating my tea when I looked out and couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Literally opposite my house the pair were having sex without a care in the world. “It was revolting, it put me off my food.

“My dad rang the police who turned up and had a word with them. “I think they missed their bus but they got a later one.”

The video of the pair at the bus stop on Victoria Road in Kirkby, Notts, went viral on Facebook.

She posted the footage with the caption: “Meanwhile in Kirkby. Share before it get removed!”