Jail for Stoneyholme drug dealer who drove round in flashy cars

Amjad Khan, who supplied cannabis and cocaine on the streets of Burnley and was jailed for four years. (s)
Amjad Khan, who supplied cannabis and cocaine on the streets of Burnley and was jailed for four years. (s)
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A FRAUDSTER and “middle man,” who supplied cannabis and cocaine on the streets of Burnley has been jailed for four years.

Amjad Khan (25) had more than 100 drug-related text messages on his phone mentioning sawn-off guns, bullet proof vests and knuckle dusters and was suspected of being involved in drug deals worth £112,000.

Khan, who threatened to petrol bomb police officers’ homes in a separate incident, had an extensive record and was in breach of a suspended prison sentence for affray, Burnley Crown Court heard.

Khan, who was jobless and had no legitimate income, also got car insurance and hired vehicles without revealing he had convictions for banned driving, taking a vehicle without authority and no insurance, and used cash from drugs for the insurance premiums.

The defendant, of Arley Gardens, Burnley, admitted being concerned in the supply of cocaine and cannabis, five counts of fraud, threatening behaviour, resisting police and five money laundering allegations.

Miss Clodagh Maguire (prosecuting) said police went to the defendant’s home but got no reply. A vehicle under investigation was outside, so officers went into the property. The defendant was in bed, the room smelled strongly of cannabis and he was arrested.

Khan had pleaded guilty to the drugs offences on the basis he had at first primarily been involved in the supply of cannabis, introduced friends to a dealer, transported customers to a dealer in Rochdale and helped with the supplying.

The defendant said he was paid in small quantities of cannabis, which he sold on and said he was a “middle man,” who did not take physical possession of the drugs.

The prosecutor said the phones were analysed and over 100 drug-related text messages were found, to and from the defendant. They suggested he could potentially have been involved in the supply of 15-and-a-half kilos of cannabis, worth £108,000, and half-a-kilo of cocaine, totalling £4,000. Khan will face a proceeds of crime hearing.

Mr Philip Holden (defending) said he had been immersed in the drugs culture from an early age and was in well over his head. He had been helping in the supply of a reasonably large quantity of drugs on behalf of others.

There was a good deal of bravado and bragging in the text messages. The barrister continued: “He was trying to make himself bigger than he was, but there is no doubt he had contacts and knew what he was doing.”

Speaking after sentencing, Sgt Linda Haywood said: “I am pleased with this sentence, particularly for members of the community who should not have to endure drug dealing on their door step.

“Khan was the main supplier of drugs in Stoneyholme for a number of years. He believed he was untouchable and flaunted his drug dealing funds by driving around in prestige vehicles despite being unemployed.

“I hope this sentence acts as a warning to criminals who think they can get away with drug dealing they are being watched, their behaviour will not be tolerated and they could end up facing a lengthy time behind bars.”