Jail for Burnley mum who ‘lost control’ in row over child’s bike

Burnley Crown Court.
Burnley Crown Court.
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A MOTHER-OF-TWO who kicked a man in the groin and racially abused his daughter after a dispute over a child’s bike, has been jailed.

Burnley Crown Court heard Stephanie Boyle (38) had followed the victim home and was “out of control”.

Boyle, who was on a suspended jail term for burglary at the time, had taken aim at the victim, missed, then kicked him again, making contact and leaving him doubled-up and in severe pain.

The defendant, said to have believed the victim had her purse, attacked him in front of his family.

Boyle, of Spencer Street, Burnley, had admitted common assault, racially aggravated harassment and damage after the trouble, on July 2nd last year.

She had been sent by magistrates for sentence at the crown court, and was sent to prison for six months.

Miss Sarah Statham (prosecuting) said the victim was told a woman had taken a bicycle from his backyard.

He found the defendant nearby, told her that it was his son’s bike, seized it and took it home with a carrier bag he picked up off the floor.

Boyle was not happy about him taking the carrier bag, and followed him to his back door.

Miss Statham said the victim would say Boyle pushed and shoved him, tried to kick him, and lunged forward, as if to headbutt him.

When his wife and daughter came out to see what was happening, the defendant kicked him in the groin, shouted racist abuse at his daughter and then left, kicking the back gate as she went.

The court was told the defendant had 29 previous convictions and had been given nine months in prison, suspended for two years, for burglary, last May.

Mr Richard Taylor (defending) said Boyle, an epileptic, thought it was her child’s bike, and had wheeled it away.

She had been extremely upset about the carrier bag being taken from the backyard.

Sentencing, Judge Ian Leeming said he accepted there had probably been a misunderstanding, and also that Boyle thought her purse might be in the bag.

But, he added: “You tackled the complainant in an extremely inappropriate way, and violence developed.”