Jail for Burnley man who threatened to kill partner

Howard Hudson
Howard Hudson

A violent partner who threatened to kill and then rang the police to confess has been jailed for nine months.

Howard Hudson (48), now of no fixed address, but formerly of Hobart Street, Burnley, pleaded guilty to making threats to kill and causing actual bodily harm.

The court was told Hudson and his partner Carol Girler moved in together, but the arrangement did not work out and he started to be violent if he had had a drink. The situation worsened when she was diagnosed with cancer.

On November 6th Hudson grabbed her by the throat when she went into the kitchen to get a drink of water, saying he hated her and punching her face and head.

Mr Stephen Parker (prosecuting) said the six and half stone woman had been petrified. Hudson got on top of her when she was on the floor and put a knife to her chest that she could feel through her clothing.

“She told him ‘You love me, you don’t want to do this,” said Mr Parker, “But he said ‘I am going to kill you. This needs to happen. You and I need to die.”

There was a further attack later, when Ms Girler had gone to bed. He told her he had phoned the police to tell them what he had done, and wanted the keys. He had her handbag round his wrist and hit her round the head with it.

Mr Mark Stuart (defending) said there was no previous history of domestic violence and that Hudson was an ideal candidate for supervision by the probation service. However, because he was now homeless it was inevitable that he would go to jail.

He said both people in the relationship drank too much, and Hudson could recall anything that had happened. The injuries sustained in the incident were not serious, and the matter would not have been reported to the police had he not himself rung them.

Mr Stuart said Hudson had the capacity to lead a law-abiding life.