Jail for burglar who stole laptops from Burnley Campus


A CROOK with an “horrendous” record who stole £3,000 worth of computers from a Burnley school, has been jailed.

Cy Newton Holt (21) made off with six Dell laptops worth £500 each in a break-in at Burnley Campus, the town’s magistrates’ court heard.

The defendant, of Violet Street, was said to have cost the school nearly £6,000 in total because of damage caused in the raid.

He pleaded guilty to the offence and also asked for further break-ins at Burnley Campus and Stoneyholme Nursery School to be taken into consideration.

The court was told that he entered Burnley Campus on December 11th last year where he stole the six laptops and caused £2,700 in damage.

Alex Mann (prosecuting) said police had photos of Holt committing the offence and forensic evidence linking him to it.

He made an admission under the Clean Slate scheme and admitted breaking into Burnley Campus again that month and a burglary at Stoneyholme Nursery where around £60 in cash was stolen.

Cathryn Fell (defending) said: “At the time when he committed the offences when he was interviewed by police he had no money, was not in receipt of benefits and he had nowhere to live.

“He was desperate. He has gone in and stolen the laptops and sold them for £50 each and used the money for food and other things he needed.

“He was in a bad place at the time and unfortunately felt the need to commit the offences.

Sentencing, magistrates said he had a “horrendous” record and sentenced him to 26 weeks in prison.