Hand your knives in at police station

Knives will not be tolerated on Burnley's streets '“ and now police are appealing directly to residents to hand in their weapons.

Burnley police station
Burnley police station

As part of a national operation to tackle knife crime, the constabulary has launched a knife surrender, with members of the public being given the chance to anonymously dispose of weapons and to consider the potentially life-threatening consequences of carrying a knife.

There is a special bin at Burnley Police Station where anyone can anonymously dispose of a weapon.

Chief Inspector Mark Baines, force co-ordinator for the surrender, said: “A knife is a lethal weapon and even one on Lancashire’s streets is one too many.

“While we do not have a massive problem with knife crime across the county and the number of crimes has reduced by a quarter since 2010, the consequences of carrying a knife in public are potentially devastating.

“If anyone is in possession of a knife and is unsure what to do about it, I would urge them to take this opportunity to dispose of it anonymously and safely.

“In particular, I want to appeal to youngsters who may be tempted to carry a knife because they believe it offers them protection – simply don’t. Not only is being in possession of a knife in a public place a criminal offence, young people are also more likely to be stabbed and seriously injured with their own weapon.”

Young people are being encouraged to log onto the Trust Ed website – www.trusted2know.co.uk – to find out more about knife crime. They can also follow TrustEd2Know on Snapchat for updates.