Hand your guns in to Burnley Police Station

Burnley Police Station
Burnley Police Station
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People are being urged to hand in guns and ammunition as part of a nation-wide firearms surrender which starts on Monday.

The surrender will run for two weeks, during which weapons can be surrendered at six Lancashire police stations including Burnley.

During the last gun surrender in April 2016, 139 firearms were handed in; among them shotguns and rifles as well as high powered air weapons and ammunition. Officers are hoping for a similar success this year.

Some people may hold firearms in innocence or ignorance of their illegality; or they may have older items in their homes which have been overlooked or forgotten. These can still be lethal if they get into the wrong hands so officers are encouraging people to dispose of any firearms or ammunition they may have, however old.

Surrendering unwanted, unlicensed weapons avoids the risk of them becoming involved in criminality and means that members of the community can dispose of firearms in a safe place.

Anyone handing over firearms will not face prosecution for the illegal possession upon surrender and can remain anonymous.