Hair salon boss beaten up by mother and daughter at music festival

A hair salon boss was left partly bald and with clumps of her tresses all over her shop when she was beaten up by a mother and daughter during a music festival, a court heard.

Tuesday, 20th March 2018, 8:54 am
Updated Tuesday, 20th March 2018, 9:00 am
Burnley Magistrates' Court

Judith Greenbank (45) was set upon first by Hayley Brown (22) as she danced and clapped to Suburban Symphony, the last act at Bands on the Square in Barnoldswick.

Mrs Greenbank was "yanked" to the ground and kicked and punched by Brown after a torrent of expletives.

The dazed victim went to her business, The Cutting Room, about 80 metres away, and was then attacked by Brown's mother, Kimberley Berry.

Berry (41) who had performed at the festival, ran in, shouted and swore: "I'm going to kill you," and smacked the victim around the head with a mobile phone.

Brown joined in, again hitting Mrs Greenbank and pulling her hair, JPs in Burnley, were told.

Mrs Greenbank, who was left scared, shocked and upset as well as injured, told the magistrates she had a bald patch after the violence, last May 27th.

She said: "There were clumps of hair all over the salon."

Witness Bryony Hartley, who told the court she saw Brown attack the victim and pull her to the floor as she watched the band, said: "There was quite a big chuck of hair missing from the top of her head. She was crying. When I glanced over, she (Brown) had Judith's hair in her hand."

Mrs Greenbank, who has run her business for 26 years, told the magistrates at about 10pm, she and a friend made their way to the front of the stage to watch the band. She said she had had about four or five gin and tonics since 5pm and was "fine".

The victim continued: "Hayley was stood right at the front of the stage. We were stood some distance behind. Hayley turned round and started swearing, telling me to get back. You're not coming in front of me.

"Hayley kept turning round. Next thing I was on the floor and being hit and kicked, punched by Hayley."

Mrs Greenbank said: "I felt upset, dazed, confused. Somebody helped me to stand up and then I made my way back to the salon. My friends were there."

She said Berry then came running into the shop, swearing and shouting : "I'm going to kill you." The victim went on: "She then started hitting me. She grabbed my hair and I believe she had a mobile phone, which she was whacking my head with. Hayley was there as well. Somebody pulled Kimberley off and then Hayley started as well, punching, kicking, pulling my hair. Somebody pulled Hayley off. I think it was a bouncer."

Mrs Greenbank suffered bruising to her arms, a swollen finger and reddening to her forehead. She added: "I felt really anxious after the incident. I didn't work for a while. I didn't want to bump into them. It knocked me."

Berry, of Scothern Close, Barnoldswick, denied assaulting Mrs Greenbank by beating her and her daughter, of North Street, Colne, pleaded not guilty to two counts of common assault.

They were convicted after a two-day and are due to be sentenced today.