Girls aged 18 and 16 mug ‘vulnerable’ woman (50) in Burnley street

Burnley Crown Court.
Burnley Crown Court.

Two teenage girls have been locked up after a vulnerable woman was attacked and mugged on the street.

Burnley Crown Court was told Paige Clarke (18) and her 16-year-old accomplice targeted their victim because she was on her own and thought she had “little credibility within the community.”

The woman (50) was robbed of her £10 mobile phone and thought she was going to be killed in the aggressive assault which left her so psychologically damaged she was afraid to go out afterwards.

Clumps of her hair were pulled out in the attack.

Clarke, of Barclay Avenue, Burnley, said to have “an appalling record for violence” admitted assault causing actual bodily harm, She was sent to detention for 10 months.

The 16-year-old girl admitted robbery and was given a 12-month detention and training order. She lives in Burnley but is too young to be identified.

The hearing was told the victim was particularly vulnerable; the girls knew her and saw her as an easy target.

The younger girl instigated the attack after approaching the woman in the street, demanding a cigarette. When she did not immediately agree, the younger girl told her “You’re going to give it to me,” and butted her in the face, making the victim stumble backwards in pain.

Mr Philip Holden (prosecuting) said Clarke joined in, saying: “Just give her your fag.” The younger girl grabbed the woman’s head and rammed it into a wall. She fell to the ground, with her mobile telephone in her hand and, as she tried to ring 999, the girl grabbed it off her.

After being punched in the back by Clarke the victim grabbed the 16-year-old by the hair.

The teenager told her: “If you let go of my hair, I will give you your phone back.” The two attackers then ran away.

Mr Holden said the woman, who suffers a number of medical problems, was tended by paramedics. She was in pain and had clumps of hhair missing.

Both girls were both arrested the day after the attack and denied being involved.