Four CCTV cameras capture career criminal’s Burnley theft bid

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A WOULD-BE burglar made a bad choice with his target – it had four CCTV cameras and his every move was filmed.

Burnley Magistrates’ Court was told how career criminal Stuart Jack Andrews (42) had tried the door of the property and the door of the occupant’s car door – and all of it was recorded.

The owner of the house, who had been awoken by noise, had also watched him try the doors of two other cars and steal a jacket from one.

Andrews was said to trawl Burnley at night looking for cars that had not been locked.

The defendant, fresh out of jail and with more than 100 offences on his record, was soon arrested, admitted his guilt, and is back behind bars.

Andrews, of Kime Street, Burnley, admitted attempted burglary with intent to steal, two counts of vehicle interference and theft from a vehicle, on September 16th.

District Judge Peter Ward committed him for sentence at Burnley Crown Court on October 21st.

Enza Geldard (prosecuting) said that at 4-55 a.m. the occupant of the house, in Ighten Road, Burnley, was awoken and saw the defendant crouching, as if to hide, in the next door garden.

He then climbed over the fence and walked up her driveway.

The victim woke her husband, police were called and she spotted Andrews re-appear at the side of the house, and walk back down the drive.

She watched him try the doors of two cars, one of which was unlocked, and the defendant helped himself to property.

Mrs Geldard said that the house had four CCTV cameras, covering the driveway, doors and front of the house and Andrews was filmed trying to get into the property.

It also showed him trying the door handle of the householder’s Renault Clio. Andrews had 123 previous convictions, of which 65 were for theft.

Mark Williams (defending) said that Andrews had been released from prison three weeks ago. He had no record for burglaries, and the attempt was “not like him”.

The solicitor added: “He trawls the area at night-time to see if there is anything that is insecure.”