Former FBI agent to help Lancashire police

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A former FBI agent and one of the world’s leading forensic footwear experts is coming to Lancashire to deliver his first ever course in the UK.

William J. Bodziak is delivering the “Examination of Footwear Mark Evidence” course at Lancashire Constabulary Headquarters in Hutton, Preston, all next week.

Mr Bodziak is a former FBI agent who is acknowledged as one of the leading forensic footwear practitioners in the world.

Mr Bodziak’s forensic analyses and testimonies include famous cases such as the OJ Simpson criminal and civil trials and the McVeigh and Nichols Oklahoma bombing trials.

Danyela Kellett, head of Lancashire Constabulary’s Footwear Unit, said: “This is a real coup for Lancashire – normally Mr Bodziak runs courses in the United States and this is the first time he will be delivering a course in the UK.”

The course will focus on the examination of footwear mark evidence, including information on the manufacturing of footwear, enhancement of impressions and evidence recovery methods.