Firework through Burnley letterbox could have been fatal

Quick-thinking neighbours helped to avert a dangerous blaze after yobs pushed a large firework through a letterbox.

Thankfully, the terraced house in Robinson Street, Daneshouse, was empty when the front room caught fire on Monday evening, but neighbouring homes were all occupied.

ARSON ATTACK: The house in Robinson Street set alight by a firework

ARSON ATTACK: The house in Robinson Street set alight by a firework

Neighbour Mr Arshad Mahmood said he spotted youths running down the street followed by a loud bang.

He said: “I couldn’t help thinking about the fatal house fire in Leicester recently. I knew a couple were in the process of moving in, so they could easily have been at home. It could have been a lot worse.”

Mr Sheikh Mohammed (42) whose sister owns the house, praised neighbours for their help.

He said: “Mr Mahmood and a man named Bob called the emergency services. They were good citizens, but I think the law needs to be stricter on children buying fireworks and people selling them.”

Watch manager Steve Harrison, of Burnley Fire and Rescue, said: “The large firework had exploded inside the front room, causing the fire.

“Fireworks are designed to be used in the open air. When they explode within the confines of a room such as this, the effect is much more severe. If anyone had been in, their escape route would have been blocked, due to the rapid fire build up. This was a particularly reckless act.”