Firearms licence appeal

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A consultant orthopaedic surgeon who lost an appeal to win back his firearms licence was described by the sitting judge as being of “positively good character”.

After the hearing, held in October, 2010, the unsuccessful appellant, Mr Ahmed Khashaba, who represented himself, said Judge Gibson had said he had to err on the side of caution, but that in Mr Khashaba’s opinion, the judge had erred on the side of caution a bit too much.

Mr Khashaba had attempted to win back his shotgun and firearms certificates which he had lost in July, 2010. ”I lost my weapons, there is no evidence I have ever done anything wrong,” he said after the unsuccessful appeal. And Mr Khashaba stated his evidence was corroborated by Catherine Kirkbright’s testimony. Lancashire Police told that appeal hearing held at Burnley Crown Court, civil licensing, that Mr Khashaba should not have the certificate back.

The judge said the case revolved around a neighbourly dispute and told the appellant he had no good reasons to have the .22 or .222 rifles. He said Mr Khashaba had no livestock or any pressing need for the control of foxes.

Lancashire Police had asked for costs of more than £11,000, however the judge ordered he pay £9,171.