Fire near Perseverance Mill site

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Fire crews were called to fight a blaze in derelict houses near to Padiham’s former Perseverance Mill.

The fire started around 4pm on Monday in a row of buildings that were formerly used as offices for the now demolished mill in Wytham Street.

Acting watch manager Alan Ashworth issued a warning to anyone thinking of deliberately starting a fire in disused buildings.

He said: “On arrival smoke was issuing from the roof of one of the boarded up properties.

“Due to the condition of the buildings, firefighters could only gain safe access to limited parts of the premises. An aerial ladder platform was used to gain full access to the roofing section of the building.

“It is important that parents know the whereabouts of their children as these places are potential death-traps for both the people setting the fires, and the firefighters who have to deal with them.”