Fire chiefs slam arsonists after Burnley park targeted for eleventh time

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Firebugs have targeted a Burnley park for the eleventh time in a month.

Arsonists struck again at Rakehead Park as a wheelie bin was torched around midnight on Friday.

Firefighters were called to tackle the blaze at the recreation ground in Sharp Street which comes less than 24 hours after a triple attack on the park on Thursday.

It is now the eleventh time the park has been targeted by yobs since the start of April.

A similar incident saw a wheelie bin torched under play equipment which destroyed a swing on the children’s park.

Fire chiefs called on youths behind the fire attacks to stop their spree of destruction.

A spokesman at Burnley Fire Station said: “It has gone absolutely made.

“This is the eleventh incident we have been called out to at the park since the start of April.

“Apart from being a nuisance to the fire service and a drain on fire service resources it is also a nuisance for residents in the local area not to mention the substantial financial cost to council taxpayers.

“There are only two fire engines at Burnley if one fire engine is attending these types of incidents it is unavailable for more serious fires.”

Another wheelie bin was torched in Nairne Street at 1-30am on Saturday.