Fewer people caught drink-driving on Burnley roads

breathalyser test / breath test / drink and drive / police / alcohol / road safety / anti drink driving
breathalyser test / breath test / drink and drive / police / alcohol / road safety / anti drink driving

THE number of people from the Burnley area caught drink-driving or driving while under the influence of drugs during the summer months has fallen.

In June this year just 1.1% of the 1,427 motorists stopped in Pennine Division failed a breath test, down from 2.1% in 2010.

This summer Lancashire Police’s annual crackdown saw officers carry out drink and drugs tests at checkpoints across the area and police chiefs say the reduction reflects the success of the campaign.

Supt Peter O’Dwyer, from Lancashire Constabulary, said: “It is reassuring to know that the message is getting through to most people and that attitudes towards drink driving are changing.

“There does, however, remain a disproportionate number of people in the under 25 category failing or refusing a test – the failure and refusal rate for under 25s was 6.1% compared to a failure rate of 1.5% for over-25s.

“We will continue to work very closely with other agencies in educating this vulnerable group and making sure they clearly understand the dangers of drink driving.

“We take a tough line against those who persist in driving after drinking or taking drugs. We carry out enforcement activity throughout the year – not just during specific campaigns.

“Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive and the only safe option is not to drive if you plan to drink. Our message is simple – do not drink and drive and do not take drugs and drive.”

During 2010 there were 46 fatal collisions in Lancashire and eight of these involved drink or drugs.

County Coun. Tim Ashton, Lancashire County Council’s Cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “It’s very encouraging to see that the number of people who choose to drink and drive is continuing to fall.

“This success shows the value of the many years of sustained enforcement by the police and the accompanying road safety campaigns to highlight the often tragic result of drinking and driving.”