Family left traumatised after frightening break-in at home

A family has been left traumatised after a group of men attempted to break into their house while they were at home.
Two of the suspects captured on CCTVTwo of the suspects captured on CCTV
Two of the suspects captured on CCTV

The frightening incident took place on Saturday night at the home of Craig Wilmore in Halifax Road, Brierfield.

Two or three would-be burglars removed the hinges from an exterior door and attempted to disable other security features on the house before gaining entry, only to be disturbed.

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Craig, who was at home with his wife at the time, slammed the despicable actions of the culprits and said the family had been left shaken by the incident.

He said: "They’ve created a lot of damage to the outer doors and the inner kitchen one but the real damage is the feeling that someone feels entitled to enter your home and violate its sanctity, try to steal things that you work hard to buy, whether they have great monetary value or not, and possibly cause you harm in the process just to satisfy their own greed."There are no real words for how sick and angry it makes you feel, plus the time and effort you then have to take rectifying what they felt okay to destroy, and then beefing up security to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

"It was extremely distressing and my wife is traumatised."

The incident took place around 10-45pm on Saturday.

Police confirmed that two or three Asian men were reported to be the culprits. Two were captured on a CCTV image.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 citing log number 1351 of March 3rd.