Drunken revellers targeted in tough new campaign

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DRUNKEN revellers in Burnley who are arrested for alcohol-fuelled crimes are being targeted as part of a hard-hitting new crackdown.

Extra police patrols have been visiting pubs and clubs to identify underage drinkers and to make sure alcohol is being sold responsibly while officers have given warning letters to people arrested for violent offences and 20 Direction to Leave notices have been handed out to people whose behaviour is likely to lead to alcohol-related crime or disorder.

The campaign comes as part of a drive to reduce violent crime in the town centre.

Insp. Tom Riley said: “We want to remind people about the consequences of committing violent offences when out drinking in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale.

“We have been visiting pubs and clubs to look for people who are underage or who may have had one too many drinks. We have an excellent relationship with licensees across our town centres and we have their full support in carrying out these checks.

“I urge people to be patient when waiting for taxis and while in takeaways and if there are any issues, to speak to a police officer or a member of door staff.

“We have extensive CCTV systems across the town centres so the likelihood of offenders being caught for a violent offence is very high. I urge people to consider the consequences of their behaviour and the implications of a criminal record.

“The main message is to drink responsibly and think about your actions. We want people to have a good night out but not to spoil it for themselves or others.”

Anyone with concerns or information about crime can contact police on 0845 1 25 35 45.