Drunk woman kicked police officer

Burnley Mechanics' Court
Burnley Mechanics' Court
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A drunken Padiham woman told a police officer she was “fat” and she was “going to hunt her down”, before booting her in early hours trouble, a court heard.

Joanne Alderson had been calling the officer “all sorts of names” in the 1am outburst when police were arresting her in a Burnley street. Alderson had turned on the police after they had been trying to stop her screaming and shouting and shoving a man.

The town’s magistrates were told the 35-year-old defendant, who had been boozing at a birthday celebration, caught the victim’s leg when she kicked out during the “unpleasant tirade”. The officer suffered soreness to her shin.

Alderson, of Wytham Street, Padiham, admitted police assault and being drunk and disorderly in Clough Street, Burnley, on October 18th. The defendant, who is on employment and support allowance, was fined £80 and must pay £50 compensation, a £30 victim surcharge and £40 costs.

Mrs Alex Mann, prosecuting, said two female officers came across Alderson and a man having “a bit of a fall-out” in the street. She seemed to be the most aggressive and the police went to split them up. The defendant had been out of trouble since 2006.

Mr Mark Williams, defending, told the hearing Alderson was sent to jail 11 years ago, that brought her to her senses, she decided she would change and she had been successful.

She had long-term issues with her mental health and was receiving treatment for a personality disorder, anxiety and depression.

Mr Williams continued: “Unusually for her, she had a drink. She would say she doesn’t really drink. She had been to a birthday celebration and had a few drinks. What happened thereafter is a little cloudy.”

The solicitor added: “She bitterly regrets her actions. It’s highly unlikely to happen again. She acted in a wholly inappropriate manner and she wants to apologise unreservedly for that.”