'Drunk' mum hit police officers

Burnley Magistrates' Court
Burnley Magistrates' Court
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A “drunk” mum attacked two police officers when they were called over neighbour trouble, a court heard.

Lisa-Marie Tempany, formerly of Rutland Street, pushed one officer in the chest and thumped another in the back of the head in the violent outburst at 8-45pm. Tempany struck 18 months after being convicted of a public order offence.

The 33-year-old, now of Sackville Street, Brierfield, admitted two counts of police assault, on April 19th.

The defendant, who is on employment and support allowance, was fined £80 and ordered to pay £20 compensation to each officer, £85 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

Mrs Alex Mann, prosecuting, said neighbours called the police and both the defendant and her partner were outside the property, quite drunk. Their demeanour presented as being aggressive.

She continued: “They were agitated and the police were trying to figure out what had gone on.”

Officers managed to get them both in the house, decided to speak to the neighbour and the partner seemed annoyed and allegedly said he was “going to sort them out”.

Mrs Mann said Tempany pushed PC Emma Bradley in the chest area with both hands and her colleague, who had told the partner he was under arrest, then felt a blow to the back of his head. He was left with soreness.

Mr Mark Williams, defending Tempany, said there had been long-standing difficulties with neighbours.

He continued: “There have been issues bubbling for quite some time. I think the most positive thing now is that there has been a change of address and those issues have gone.”

Mr Williams said the defendant and her partner called the police. The solicitor said: “The police didn’t seem to take what they were saying seriously.”The assaults weren’t sustained. It was a single blow/push on each occasion.”

Mr Williams added: “She apologises. She has never done anything like this before.”