Drunk Burnley man stabbed girlfriend in throat

Wade Robinson
Wade Robinson

A drunken argument resulted in a Burnley man smashing a mirror and stabbing his partner in the throat.

Wade Robinson (28), of Hebrew Road, was jailed for 12 months after admitting wounding.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Robinson made a number of comments before and after his arrest on June 16th, admitting he had attacked victim Alexandra Hill, before trying to stab himself. He had been seen by a woman in Camp Street, Burnley, with blood on him, and he asked her to call the police.

He told officers: “I’m guilty as charged, whatever she said I did”. And later: “How am I going to get off with this attempted murder?”. He also said: “I stabbed her and thought she was going to die, so I tried to kill myself.”

Inside the house, police found a broken bedroom mirror .

Despite being left with several injuries, including cuts and bruising , Ms Hill was reluctant to give evidence against her partner. In a statement on June 19th, she said: “I make this statement reluctantly as I love him and want him to get help.” She went on to say she had “never been so happy in her life” and her daughter calls Robinson dad.

She described how her and Robinson had been out on the night of the argument, and had consumed a considerable amount of alcohol. Her memories of the night were “muddled and hazy”. She added: “Everything was a blur. I think he smashed a mirror with his fist. I know I have been lucky. I just want to get on with my life. I don’t want Wade to go to prison, just to get help and be able to have a happy life.”

Ms Hill sent a letter to Judge Beverly Lunt saying: “He would never do anything like this, it’s so out of character.” Judge Lunt described the letter as “stupid”.

Douglas Stuart (defending) said Robinson’s problem was alcohol and he had been going for help. “He could not be more apologetic. He showed remorse immediately”.

Judge Lunt said: “When you take alcohol you’re extremely violent. You attacked your partner with a weapon, a piece of broken glass. You caused a nasty injury in a significantly dangerous area.