Dog owners in Burnley fined for not picking up after their pets

Dog owners in Burnley town centre who didn’t clean up after their pets were fined in an attempt to crack down on their irresponsible behaviour.

Police have been working in conjunction with enforcement officers from Burnley Borough Council this afternoon dealing with dog fouling issues.

A spokesman for Burnley and Padiham Police said on its Facebook page: "This is an issue that has been raised by members of the public and business owners as being a problem, and today tickets have been given to dog owners not picking up after their dogs."

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Last year Burnley Council launched a dedicated web page to encourage community-minded residents to “dish the dirt” on dog owners who fail to clean up after their pet.

Burnley council are cracking down on dog fouling

The website – is part of a wider campaign by the council to tackle and reduce dog fouling across the borough.

The police spokesman added: "If you want to make your local neighbourhood team aware of issues in your area, please sign up to our information service Lancashire talking through the below link or feel free to email me with your details and I will sign you up"