Dog owner’s warning after ‘pitbull’ attack

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A Burnley dog-owner has warned others after his pet was attacked by a “pitbull type” dog in the town.

Mr David Kearns was walking his Staffordshire bull terrier Arnie along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, near to Tesco, when the black and white dog ran at it and grabbed it by the throat.

Mr Kearns (55) said: “The other dog was off its lead and ran like a bullet at Arnie.

“It locked its jaws around Arnie and I honestly feared it would kill him. The dog’s owner was a few yards away, and I had noticed him minutes earlier crouched down and talking to the dog.

“I am convinced he released it to attack Arnie as his dog was off the lead. It looked like a pitbull cross.”

Mr Kearns said it took around 20 minutes for the pair of them to release the dog’s grip and but for Arnie’s harness he fears the dog would have killed his pet.

He added: “The lad had a young girl with him, which shocked me. His dog was out of control and could kill a child if it’s let off the lead like that again.

“I am absolutely disgusted by this man’s behaviour. There were some police officers nearby, and he made a quick exit as soon as they arrived to help. I would advise other dog-owners to be alert when walking their dog near the canal.”