‘Dangerous’ Burnley dog likely to be put down

Burnley Crown Court.
Burnley Crown Court.

A DANGEROUS Staffordshire bull-terrier cross on death row is now likely to be destroyed after it attacked for a second time.

The strong animal sank its teeth into a police officer who was taking it to be assessed by a dog behavioural expert in the aftermath of the first attack, Burnley Crown Court heard.

The dog, called Dyson, belongs to Lee Rainford (26). In December he admitted being the owner of a dog which caused injury while dangerously out of control in a public place.

Three weeks ago magistrates banned him from owning or keeping animals for five years after he admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a Rottweiler puppy.

The pup had been left in agony for two weeks when he did not take it to the vet after an attempt to dock its tail caused an infection.

Rainford is to appeal the length of the disqualification at the crown court and the hearing is set for February 9th. Judge Beverly Lunt will sentence for the dog out of control offence on February 13th. She has already told Rainford he will not go to jail, but Dyson’s fate is in her hands. The judge has said she will order Rainford to pay the kennelling costs.

The crown court was told police had had reports about Dyson and other dogs in the defendant’s control or possession.

The dog was said to have run out and “bit the first person in front of it” when Rainford opened his door.

Judge Lunt said based on the expert’s report, a destruction order on Dyson was likely.

She added: “The expert says the dog may not be intrinsically aggressive.

“It needs training and it needs a good owner. The defendant plainly is not a good owner and that means the dog has nowhere to go.”

The judge was told by Rainford’s barrister he wanted his mother to have Dyson. She replied: “This is not a woman’s dog.”

Judge Lunt told the defendant of Dyson: “I think he’s dangerous. The chances of me not making a destruction order are very, very slight indeed.”-