Dad blasts ‘too lenient’ court after horror smash

Jason and Stuart Sevenoaks
Jason and Stuart Sevenoaks
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The father of a young man seriously injured in a car crash has slammed magistrates for giving the driver a “lenient” sentence.

Mr Jason Sevenoaks, of Swallow Park, Burnley says his son Stuart (24) is lucky to be alive following the accident on Crown Point Road when Lancaster man Keith Bridson crashed a Renault Clio into a dry stone wall.

What kind of deterrent is a six-month curfew going to be? It’s a disgrace

Jason Sevenoaks

Bridson fled the scene leaving former Ivy Bank High pupil Stuart and his brother Simon injured in the car at around 12-50am on June 8th.

Stuart, who is currently unemployed, underwent surgery for internal bleeding and must now wear a colostomy bag for a year due to his injuries.

Burnley magistrates ordered Bridson (24) to observe a six-month curfew, banned him from driving for 12 months and ordered him to pay court costs totalling £150.

He had been charged with aggravated vehicle taking, failing to report an accident and driving without a licence and insurance following the accident in the early hours of June 8th.

Mr Sevenoaks said: “Stuart is lucky to be alive as a result of that accident. I can’t believe he was given such a lenient sentence.

“My son was in surgery for five hours, had 28 staples in his stomach and was in intensive care for two days.

“What kind of deterrent is a six-month curfew going to be? It’s a disgrace.” Stuart described the accident which happened after Bridson lost control of the car and hit a post near to the cattle grid on Crown Point Road.

He said: “I had only known Keith for a few months. He used to visit Burnley to see his mum and we became friends.

“I wish now I’d never got in the car with him. It was horrible. The car went through a wall and flipped on its side. I suffered internal bleeding and my brother suffered torn ligaments.

“My life has been turned upside down. The sentence was far too lenient in my opinion.”