Crime-busting team make their mark in Padiham

Martin Storey
Martin Storey

A NEW crime busting team has arrived in Padiham with a promise to make the streets safer for residents.

Sgt Martin Storey, who has been appointed as the new head of the town centre policing team, said he was determined to deal “swiftly” with criminals.

He said: “We have a lot of things planned in Padiham to tackle crime issues and want to be pro-active and positive. I am someone who likes to identify a problem and then get something done about it.

“I am hoping the public of Padiham will work closely with us providing information and help so we can act. If anyone has any concerns I want to know about them, I can’t start to solve these issues until I know what they are and we can take positive action.”

Sgt Storey’s promise to take swift action against law breakers in Padiham was fulfilled last week during a raid at a house in Beech Street. Police, acting on tip-offs from the public, arrested and charged a 52-year-old man who appeared before Burnley Magistrates’ Court and was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison for handling stolen goods. Officers from the local neighbourhood policing team were supported by a specially trained drugs dog that was brought in to assist the search. Also seized was a quantity of what is believed to be Class B drugs.

Sgt Storey added: “After this operation we were able to return a lot of items to their rightful owners, that is what we are aiming for. In one case a few garden ornaments had been stolen from an elderly lady and we took them back to her.

“It’s only a small thing but she was so pleased and appreciative.”

Sgt Storey said among his team were a group of enthusiastic and dedicated police and community support officers who were out on the streets of Padiham.

Sgt Storey joined the police nine years ago and he has served in the Pennine and Rossendale divisions. For the last three years he has been working as the town centre sergeant for Burnley.