Court bans boys aged 13 and 14 from Brunshaw after anti-social behaviour

John Marsden (14) who has been given a two-year ASBO (s)
John Marsden (14) who has been given a two-year ASBO (s)
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TWO teenagers, who harassed and abused residents on a Burnley housing estate, making their lives hell, have been given anti-social behaviour orders.

John Marsden (14), of St Matthew Street, Burnley, and 13-year-old Connor Murphy, of Eastham Street, Burnley, had the two-year orders granted against them on Wednesday at Reedley Magistrates’ Court.

Connor Murphy (13), who has been slapped with a two-year ASBO (s)

Connor Murphy (13), who has been slapped with a two-year ASBO (s)

Police recorded more than 40 incidents of anti-social behaviour involving the boys over six months in the Brunshaw area of Burnley.

They threw stones at cars, bullied and intimidated other young people and abused members of the public.

Officers worked with Burnley Borough Council and members of the public to secure the orders.

PC Adam Gordon said: “We had received numerous complaints from local residents about their behaviour. We have tried to work with the boys but their behaviour has continued to cause problems for residents. I hope this order reassures people that we do take action to address anti-social behaviour. It should also act as a warning to others that this type of behaviour is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

“We are committed to working with residents and the council to address anti-social behaviour and I would like to thank the local community for helping us to secure this order.”

Coun. Shah Hussain, the council’s Executive member for community safety, added: “This is an example of excellent partnership working to help improve the quality of life for residents who were being plagued by anti-social behaviour. We will continue to work hard to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour across the borough. No one should have to put up with this kind of yobbish behaviour.”

“I would urge all agencies to work with those young people, so that their behaviour could be addressed. We need to take action when required but also offer to provide support so that they are able to change their pattern of behaviour.”

The ASBO will prevent them from:

l Acting in a manner likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons in the same household. This includes abusive, threatening language, swearing and offensive hand gestures in the Burnley Borough Council area.

l Not to throw any object at any person, vehicle or property with intent to cause criminal damage or harassment, alarm or distress to any person.

l Entering a defined area within the Brunshaw area of Burnley.

l Not to associate with each other or Leon Holt (12), Jack Bradbury (18) Joshua Cole (14) and Chaddley Conroy (13) in any public place

The order will remain in place until September 4th 2014.