Cliviger gran’s three-year wait for £500 court cash

Florence Riley.'Photo Ben Parsons
Florence Riley.'Photo Ben Parsons

A vulnerable grandmother who was conned out of £500 by a so-called friend three years ago said she has not seen a penny of her money.

Mrs Florence Riley (68), who suffers from a string of health complaints and walks with a stick, was targeted by the woman just months after the death of her husband.

She was convicted in June this year at Burnley Crown Court of two counts of fraud, relating to her landlord and Mrs Riley and given two three-month suspended prison sentences.

She was also ordered to pay Mrs Riley £500 compensation but the widow, who lives in Cliviger, said she has not received any payments.

Mrs Riley had given the woman £500 in October 2010 after she offered to arrange for her to buy a new settee.

But she never received the settee or her money back.

“The victims don’t get anything.

“It’s been three years since this happened and I haven’t got any of my money back,” she said.

Mrs Riley, who has carers to look after her, said the crime had made her anxious about going into town and she no longer trusts people.

“This has really upset me and my health has suffered. Now I go into town by taxi and I make sure one of my carers carries my handbag because I’m frightened of having it snatched.

“I daren’t go on the bus in case someone targets me.

“I just want to get my money back, it’s not fair.”