Chronic alcoholic offender on “final chance”

Burnley Crown Court.
Burnley Crown Court.

A persistent alcoholic offender was left in no doubt that he will be jailed if he offends again.

Judge Christopher Cornwall also warned Burnley man Paul Manley (46) that he faced “an extremely painful and unpleasant death” if he did not stop drinking.

Manley, of Forest Street, had been sent to Burnley Crown Court by magistrates following his arrest for stealing a bottle of wine from the Burnley Sainsbury’s store on November 13th – the day after being given a suspended sentence order.

The court heard that Manley had 221 offences dating back 30 years.

Miss Rachel Cooper (defending) said: “Mr Manley is a chronic alcoholic and most of his offences relate to alcohol.

“He had a heart attack this year and had to undergo surgery. He had been doing better but the recent news of his partner’s mother’s death hit him very hard.

“He went to Sainsbury’s to buy some wine but realised he didn’t have enough money.”

Bur Judge Cornwall said: “I see nothing that begins to persuade me that you are serious about addressing this problem.

“Excuses abound on your record. You’re capable of manipulating any event to suit your own purposes.

“This (order) requires 100% co-operation with the probation service. I’m setting you up to fail by releasing you today. Prove me wrong.

“I don’t care if you have this problem or that. You cannot go on wheeling out lame excuse after lame excuse.

“Make no mistake, you are going to prison unless I’m assured by the probation service that you’ve showed real commitment to this order.”