Christmas Day attacker jailed

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A DRUNK who keeps beating up the woman he has previously claimed he wants to marry, is behind bars for 15 months.

Kidron Mills (35) had been given a 12 month community order last July after grabbing his victim by the hair, banging her head against a wall and brandishing a candlestick at her as she cowered.

He had admitted assault causing actual bodily harm, at Burnley Crown Court.

Less than two weeks before, he had been given a community order by magistrates for trying to “strangle” his victim after a heated row. And on Christmas Day last year, Mills had attacked the victim after she asked him to help wash up and he had refused.

The defendant, who had told the victim it was the worst Christmas he had ever had, had headbutted her and knocked her out and then mopped around her as she lay bleeding on the floor. He had been given another community order, with a domestic violence programme for that offence, in February.

Mills, formerly of Spencer Street, Burnley, was back in the crown court before the judge who imposed the 12 month order, after admitting breaching it. He was sentenced afresh and sent to jail.

Judge Jonathan Gibson said Mills was assessed as posing a high risk of serious harm tothe woman. Between last January and June, there had been 10 domestic violence call outs to the police.

The judge said the defendant had a history of not complying with court orders and as in all such domestic violence cases, there was an “element of abuse of power”.

The hearing last July had been told both the defendant and victim, who had then been together 12 months, had both been alcohol dependent. Mills kicked the victim in the leg repeatedly, punched her several times in the arm and threatened to sink his teeth into her.

Police had been called and found the victim with bruises to her shin and arm, a lump on her head and hair missing. The defendant was arrested and questioned and told police the woman’s account was “garbage”.

The court had heard Mills then wanted to marry the victim. But the magistrates court had recently been told she had said the relationship was finally over after the Christmas Day beating.