CCTV for Padiham sex den toilets?

Public toilets at Padiham Town Hall which could be closed.'Photo Ben Parsons
Public toilets at Padiham Town Hall which could be closed.'Photo Ben Parsons

Calls to use CCTV cameras to stamp out lurid behaviour in notorious Padiham sex toilets have been made.

Councillors want to beef up security to stop the gents’ toilets beneath Padiham Town Hall being used as a seedy sex den.

The public loos, which are just yards from Padiham’s high street, have earned a reputation as a “perverts’ paradise” despite repeated police operations to tackle the problem.

But now town councillors have called for security cameras to be installed to help drive away men using it for “inappropriate” sexual behaviour.

Coun. Bob Clark said: “I’m pleased to see police are taking action which is very important.

“We spend money on all types of things but I think it’s imperative to get cameras outside of there.” He has now called for funding for cameras around the facilities.

Fears were they could be shut altogether to stamp out the lurid behaviour which have plagued the toilets for decades.

But police are now compiling a report about preventative measures to tackle the problem while keeping the amenity open.

Padiham Sgt Mick Burnett said: “We can’t put up with what has been going on in the past. It cannot continue.

“It is not impossible to police but under the constraints we have now it is difficult. A good way would be to install CCTV cameras as a deterrent.

“It is our third eye for when we are not on patrol there. If we got complaints about problems we could look at the footage and identify vehicles. It will give us more of a lever to speak to people.”