‘Career criminal’ was caught in stolen car

Burnley Crown Court.
Burnley Crown Court.
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A “career criminal” who was a passenger in a stolen car chased by police has been given six months to turn his life around and “keep his nose clean”.

Burnley Crown Court was told how the vehicle was eventually stopped when officers put down a stinger.

Ryan Ashe (21) who was on bail at the time, told police that knowing the driver, he accepted the Ford Focus was probably stolen and he got in the vehicle with that knowledge.

Ashe, who has 68 offences on his record, admitted allowing himself to be carried in the car. The driver earlier admitted aggravated vehicle taking and burglary. Ashe, of Albert Street, Burnley, had his sentence deferred until January.

Prosecutor Miss Emma Kehoe said that, in the early hours of May 27th, the Focus was taken in a house burglary and at 1-40am, police came across it on Coal Clough Lane. Burnley. Police took up a following position, it accelerated away and the car eventually came to a halt after the stinger was put down.

Miss Kehoe said: “There is nothing to connect him to the actual burglary.”

Mark Stuart (defending) said despite Ashe having an extensive record, by and large it was fairly low level offending, apart from a wounding conviction.