Burnley youths reprimanded over nuisance fires

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TWO youths were reprimanded by police and firefighters after they were caught starting fires in Towneley Park last night.

Crews from Burnley fire station were called to two incidents at 6-25 p.m. and 8-40 p.m.

Crew manager Mark Hammond said there had been a series of fires started in the area.

“We have been called there a number of times over the last few days and it was the same bunch of youths.

“The police and the PCSOs were there. They put two of them in the back of their car and I had a word with them to inform them of the errors of their ways.

“We are going to do some sort of community liaison work in that area and keep an eye on it.

“It’s these nuisance fires we are trying to drive down. While we are there we can’t go to more serious incidents,” he said.

The youngsters responsible were taken home to their parents by police.