Burnley woman defrauded friend: court case

Burnley Crown Court.
Burnley Crown Court.

A Burnley woman has been given two three-month suspended prison sentences after admitting two counts of fraud.

Burnley Crown Court heard that Tracey Bryan (44), of Calderbrook Place, Burnley, was also in breach of a suspended sentence and had failed to surrender to custody.

Mr Stephen Parker (prosecuting) said Bryan had caused one of her victims “considerable distress” when she had offered to buy a settee for her and gone to the bank with her to withdraw £500 after saying she would make arrangements. But the woman never got her settee or her money back. A cheque was paid to the victim, but it bounced, and it was discovered that the account had been closed months earlier.

Mr Parker said the victim said she could never trust anyone again and had struggled mentally and financially.

An £875 cheque to Bryan’s former landlord for rent also bounced.

Jeremy Coleman (defending) said the actual figure owed to the landlord was £250, as she had not stayed the full two months and £120 had been paid in cash. He asked if Bryan could pay compensation at £10 per week.

The sentences were suspended for 12 months and Bryan was ordered, by Judge Andrew Loveridge, to pay £250 compensation to her former landlord and £500 to her female victim .