Burnley window cleaner who attacked man in chip shop in case of "mistaken identity' lands in court

A window cleaner working at a Colne chippie attacked a customer 'in a case of mistaken identity' after repeatedly accusing him of stealing his bike, a court heard.

Thursday, 14th March 2019, 3:41 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th March 2019, 3:48 pm
The defendant admitted common assault and he was fined 40, with 85 costs and a 30 victim surcharge.

Adrian Holt pushed Patrick Leonard in the chest, causing him to fall to the floor and hurt his arm in the ' unprovoked ' lunchtime trouble after the victim went to Mr Chips.

Burnley magistrates were told how 42-year-old Holt claimed he had had issues with Mr Leonard over bullying by him 15 years ago.

The defendant alleged Mr Leonard 'marched very forcefully' towards him.

Holt's solicitor told the court: He was probably just marching to get his chips, but regrettably what happened many years ago came back to haunt him."

Holt is now out of work and on benefits.

Mrs Alex Mann, prosecuting, said:" I think it's a case of mistaken identity." She said Mr Leonard went to get some chips.

Mr Leonard would say Holt marched towards him, claiming he had pinched his bike.

Mrs Mann said:" Mr Leonard says he kept on accusing him of stealing his bike. He ( the victim) kept telling him ' It wasn't me.' "

Holt then became aggressive and pushed him in the chest, causing him to fall backwards and to the floor, hurting his right arm. As the victim walked away, Holt demanded "are you Joey Phillips?' "

Mrs Mann continued:" It does seem the defendant has mistaken the victim for somebody else and not listened when he said he had nothing to do with it.

"It was unprovoked and on a completely innocent victim, who has ended up with some soreness. "

She added:" The defendant was perhaps thinking with his hands and not his head, unfortunately. "

Mr Keith Rennison, defending, said Holt had a different perspective on what happened.

The defendant knew Mr Leonard from perhaps 15 years ago when there had bullying issues with him. After the assault, Holt carried on cleaning windows and Mr Leonard got up and walked away.

The solicitor added:" He ( Holt) has kept out of trouble for two years, but he just needs to moderate his actions when he is confronted with a situation he finds difficult."

Holt, of Padiham Road, Burnley, admitted common assault on Thursday, January 3rd.

He was fined £40, with £85 costs, a £30 victim surcharge and must pay Mr Leonard £25 compensation.