Burnley teen gang ringleader banned from town centre

Liam Barnes ASBO
Liam Barnes ASBO

A TROUBLESOME teenager who plagued shoppers and staff has been banned from Burnley town centre after being given an Anti-Social Behaviour 0rder

Liam Barnes (17), of Nelson Square, Burnley, was given the ASBO after Burnley magistrates heard a catalogue of evidence about his behaviour which had plagued residents, shoppers and staff in the town.

The court was told Barnes had befriended a group of youngsters, who then threw stones and eggs at shoppers and staff, sticks at pensioners and bricks at cars.

Under the conditions of the two-year ASBO, Barnes is banned from:

l Acting in an anti-social manner, which includes abusive or threatening language, swearing and making offensive hand gestures;

l Entering Burnley town centre;

l Entering Piccadilly Road between Manchester Road and Albion Street, Burnley;

l Throwing objects at people, homes or other properties with the intent to cause criminal damage or harassment alarm and distress; and

l Associating with five named individuals in any place.

PC John Fisher, community beat manager for Burnley’s Trinity ward, said: “Barnes has caused a number of problems in Burnley town centre. He has befriended a group of younger children and acts as their ringleader, leading them astray.

“His rowdy behaviour has caused problems at the town’s library, bus station, shopping centres and in residential areas. Barnes has caused nuisance in most areas of Burnley. Once identified in one area he moves around to another taking his gang of youngsters with him.”

PC Fisher added: “We applied for the ASBO in conjunction with Burnley Community Safety Partnership. This was a Burnley Community Safety partnership application and the officer-in-charge was myself, PC Fisher. I hope this sends a message to those who commit anti-social behaviour that it simply will not be tolerated.

“We are committed to working with residents to address anti-social behaviour and will continue to take action against those who make the lives of others a misery.”

n If you would like to report a breach of this ASBO or acts of anti-social behaviour in your area, contact the police on 08451 253545 or Burnley Borough Council on 01282 425011.