Burnley speed cameras catch 3,300 drivers - click here for speed camera map!

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MORE than 3,300 motorists were caught speeding on Burnley’s roads last year with nearly two-thirds captured by one camera.

According to figures for 2010, released by Lancashire Police, 1,901 speeding offences were committed by drivers on the A646 Rossendale Road – the second highest figure in Lancashire for offences recorded by one camera.

The fixed speed trap is located close to the junction with Farrington Road where the limit is 30 m.p.h.

Of the 1,901 caught in Rossendale Road, 848 paid a fine, 677 opted to take a speed awareness course and 228 received summons in relation to the offence. There are also 12 outstanding cases and 136 had tickets cancelled.

The only speed camera in the county which caught more speeding drivers is in Osbaldeston near Mellor.

Other cameras in Burnley which recorded high numbers of speeding motorists were in Manchester Road, close to the junction with St Matthew Street, where 567 drivers were caught; Belvedere Road, near Thurston Street, with 222 offences; and Queen Victoria Road, near Queens Park Road, which saw 190 offences.

A camera located at the junction of Burnley Road and Milton Street, Padiham, saw 80 speeding offences, one in Higher Reedley Road, Brierfield, recorded 78, while the camera in Colne Road, near Allen Street, caught 57 speeding motorists.

But others in the town only recorded a handful of offences. A camera situated at the junction of Colne Road and Brennand Street caught 11 speeding drivers and one in Colne Road, near Murray Street, just four.

Lancashire Constabulary’s Assistant Chief Constable Andy Rhodes, who is also chairman of the Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety Executive Board, said: “Road safety cameras are intended to reduce the average speed of motorists on roads where there is evidence that speeding is an issue.

“It is well documented and well researched that speeding kills.

“We are committed to reducing the number of people killed and injured on the county’s roads and we will continue to use cameras to help us achieve this.”