Burnley park attacker is tracked down on FaceBook

Burnley Magistrates Court
Burnley Magistrates Court
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A man subjected to a “totally unprovoked “assault in a Burnley park hunted down his attacker on Facebook, a court heard.

Amir Javed had been taking a short cut through Thompson Park, minding his own business, when a gang of about six “loud” people approached him. Mr Javed did not pay the group much attention, but the next thing he knew he felt a hard blow to the side of his face. He stumbled backwards, completely in shock, Burnley magistrates were told.

The victim described his assailant to his cousin, who found Aaron George on Facebook and Mr Javed recognised him straight away.

George, (22), admitted assault by beating on May 12th.

The father-of-one, from Townley Street, Burnley, was given an eight week curfew, between 7pm and 7am and must pay £150 compensation.

The bench told the defendant his record did not make pleasant reading and was “nothing to be proud of, in any way, shape or form.”

Parveen Akhtar, (prosecuting), said the assault took place at about 1.30pm. The victim would say George seemed very angry and wanted to fight. Another member of the group had pulled him away.

Mr Javed suffered reddening to the left hand side of his face, a swollen cheek and was still in pain. He told police: ”I don’t deserve being attacked this way. I am a quiet person.”

Trevor Grice, for George, said there was no excuse for such behaviour. The defendant’s record revealed he was not particularly a man of violence.

He had been drinking with friends and they had been passing round cocaine. George was not a drug user, but succumbed to the temptation. The solicitor continued: ”He doesn’t know why he’s done it. He can’t remember doing it. He has no excuse for doing it, but acknowledges it must be him.”