Burnley nose bite knifeman jailed

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A CRAZED knifeman who bit off his partner’s nose before attacking armed police with a blade will serve a minimum of seven years in jail.

Robert Mackenzie Wilson (39) tore off mother-of-three Jane Ireland’s nose with his teeth in an attack at her home in Hapton Street, Padiham last July.

Burnley Crown Court Heard how Wilson, who had been released on lifetime licence for stabbing a former partner and two neighbours in 2003, fled naked into the woods armed with a large kitchen knife.

During an eight hour manhunt through Simonstone, Wilson held a terrified woman at knife-point before stealing clothes and her car.

Armed police spotted him near a primary school when Wilson charged at them with a blade.

He was shot twice with a 50,000 volt police taser before being arrested.

Sentencing, His Honour Judge Jonathon Gibson said he must serve a minimum of seven years for the protection of the public before he is considered for parole.