Burnley mum found not guilty in drugs trial

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A BURNLEY woman has been cleared after standing trial accused of assisting in the supply of drugs.

Mandy Hopkins (23) was found not guilty by a jury at Preston Crown Court following a three week trial covering the importation of benzocaine from China into this country.

Benzocaine, a local anaesthetic often used by vets and dentists, is also illegally used in its powder form as a cutting agent by drug dealers to dilute cocaine, thus increasing profits.

The mother-of-one from Dall Street, Burnley Wood, had received several packages of benzocaine from November, 2010, to January, 2011, but had always insisted she did not know what was in them.

Scott Grindley (24) of Hollingreave Road, Burnley, who faced the same charge of assisting in the supply of Class A drugs had his case dropped earlier in the trial.

Stephen Baylis (31) of Kingston Avenue, Milton Keynes, was also found not guilty of the same charge.

But the jury found Clifford Hall (31) of Whaddon Way, Milton Keynes, guilty on three charges of assisiting in the supply of Class A drugs, possession with intent to supply diazepam and possession with intent to supply methylethylcathinone.

He will be sentenced in October with others who pleaded guilty before the trial including Christopher Pounder (26) of Parkinson Street, Burnley.

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