Burnley man who caused trans-Atlantic flight to be diverted is back in court


A man from Burnley who four years ago caused a transatlantic flight to be diverted has been fined for urinating in front of children.

Grant Smith (40), of Slaidburn Avenue, was arrested in Stainforth, near Settle, for urinating in front of police officers who were talking to the driver of a car he was a passenger in.

Skipton magistrates heard that while two officers were talking to the driver, Smith got out of the car, where he had been slumped on the back seat, mumbling incoherently, and proceeded to urinate against a dry stone wall.

Magistrates fined Smith £100 and ordered him to pay costs of £85 and a £20 victim surcharge for being drunk and disorderly.

Caroline Midgley (prosecuting) said the officer, concerned about nearby families enjoying a day out, warned Smith who responded with verbal abuse threatening to “nut her”.

Smith then took an upper dental plate out of his mouth and put it in his pocket, further alarming the officer. He continued being abusive, was arrested and put into the back of a police van, where he urinated again, said Mrs Midgley.

Lisa Julian (defending) said Smith, who admitted being drunk and disorderly, had not seen any children, but that alcohol had clouded his judgement.

Smith had served a custodial sentence for being drunk on an aircraft in 2009 when he caused a flight bound for the Dominican Republic to be diverted to Bermuda.