Burnley man stabbed teen to ‘teach him a lesson’

Burnley Crown Court.
Burnley Crown Court.
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A MAN who stabbed a 16-year-old boy after an early hours fall-out, has walked free from court.

Shaun Hennessy (21) knifed the victim in the side to teach him a lesson after the teenager armed himself with the weapon, Burnley Crown Court heard.

Hennessy had been facing jail after the attack nearly two years ago, but was given a suspended sentence.

The defendant, of Griffin Close, Burnley, had admitted wounding. He dropped the knife down a nearby grate. He was given 10 months in prison, suspended for two years, with 12 months supervision and must pay £150 costs.

Mr Adam Watkins (prosecuting) said the teenager had refused to co-operate in the case that dated from February 15th, last year. The pair had been drinking and chatting at a house in Burnley and had fallen out. Hennessy punched the victim and gave him a split lip, but they shook hands and carried on drinking. A witness said the teenager’s mood changed and he armed himself with a small kitchen knife for protection before leaving the house at 4-30 a.m., with his girlfriend and sister.

Hennessy flirted with the girls and pushed the door into the teenager, who swore at the defendant. Hennessy threw him to the ground and started to kick him. The knife fell onto the pavement while victim was trying to cover himself up. The defendant was angry he had had the temerity to get the knife saying: “You think you are going to stab me, do you?” Hennessy then decided to teach him a lesson and stabbed the boy in the side, causing two injuries. The victim flagged down a passing motorist, police were called and he was taken to hospital. He had stitches and was kept in hospital.

When arrested, Hennessy would not answer questions. He had 12 previous convictions.

Mr Mark Stuart (defending) said the injuries were at the lower end of the scale. The 16-year-old had not made a complaint. The defendant had got in a bit of trouble when he was 17 or 18, but the offence occurred almost two years ago.

Judge Jonathan Gibson told Hennessy a “proper rehabilitative sentence” was required. He added: “It does seem to me you have matured substantially since this took place.

“The feature of you not taking the weapon to the scene yourself is a substantial one and one which I can’t ignore.”