Burnley man headbutted police cage and kicked officer in leg

A drunk threw himself on a police vehicle bonnet, was arrested and repeatedly headbutted the cage, leaving it covered in blood, a court heard.

Saturday, 2nd June 2018, 8:29 am
Burnley Magistrates' Court

Steven Jones (32) who had been detained after trouble in Burnley town centre, was told by an officer he would be taken to hospital and responded by booting him, the town’s magistrates were told.

The court heard unemployed Jones, who has 28 offences on his record, including convictions for assault, had ongoing issues with alcohol but had never had treatment.

Mrs Tracy Yates, prosecuting, told the court that at 6am, officers came across a man acting suspiciously, trying to avoid being seen by police. Officers pulled alongside him and he became aggressive, leaned through the open driver’s window, swore, told the officers, “I will take you both,” and twice called them “helmets”.

He was told to leave, was allowed to walk away and police then turned round their vehicle to make sure he had left the area. As officers drove up the road at about 10mph, Jones threw himself on the bonnet and windscreen of the vehicle.

He then began to run off and was arrested after he turned to the police and clenched his fists. He continued to be violent, throwing punches and kicks and lashing out.

Mrs Yates said: “He was put in the police vehicle and headbutted the cage a number of times, causing a lot of blood to be left in the vehicle.”

The prosecutor said another officer tried to reason with the defendant and said he would be taken to the hospital. “However,” said Mrs Yates. “Mr Jones lashed out, kicking his leg. He was then taken to hospital.”

The defendant’s solicitor, Miss Zoe Earle said he was remorseful for his actions and ashamed of his behaviour.

He had a long-standing issue with alcohol. She continued: “It’s something that appears to have gone untreated over the course of many, many years.

“Perhaps if that had been dealt with previously he wouldn’t find himself here today.”

Miss Earle added: “He says he is too old for this and needs to move on with his life.”

Jones, of no fixed address, admitted police assault and being drunk and disorderly on May 6th.

He was given a 12-month community order with a 20-day rehabilitation activity requirement and a six-month alcohol treatment requirement. The defendant was also fined £20 and told to pay an £85 victim surcharge.