Burnley man (20) jailed for attacking pregnant girlfriend

Burnley Crown Court.
Burnley Crown Court.

An expectant Burnley father who assaulted his heavily pregnant girlfriend in a drunken rage, is behind bars.

Casey Hedgecock (20) swung a punch at Shelby Bonner before flipping the sofa over, throwing her to the floor, Burnley Crown Court heard.

Ms Bonner was left fearing for their unborn child and was clutching at her stomach because of abdominal pains.

The court was told Hedgecock locked her in the house and fled so police and paramedics had to force their way in to tend to the victim.

The baby was born two weeks later but the defendant launched a campaign of abuse and threatened her new partner with a baseball bat, the court was told.

Hedgecock, of Hollingreave Road, admitted assault and harassment at Burnley Crown Court where he was sentenced to a total of 12-months in a young offenders’ institute.

Judge Beverly Lunt said: “You assaulted this heavily pregnant woman creating a risk to the woman and unborn child – your unborn child.

“There was no remorse, contrition or regret just harassment and threats. You have amassed a dreadful record.”

The prosecution said the defendant had been trying to “pick a fight” at the Latham Street home of his then partner who was sat with two friends on June 14th.

Hedgecock was then said to have taken the only house key and locked the three women inside while he disappeared drinking so she was forced to call a relative for help.

The defendant returned to the house drunk later that night and he questioned the victim as to why she had not asked where he had been.

David Bentley (prosecuting) said he then grabbed her by the head and squeezed with both hands forcing her head backwards before swinging a punch and missing.

He then flipped over the sofa with her on it so she fell to the floor.

Mr Bentley said the victim, who was clutching her stomach injured, told Hedgecock to leave. He pushed her over and left the house locking her in, the court heard.

Police had to force the door open to let paramedics in to treat her.

The baby was born safely two weeks later but the Hedgecock sent the victim an abusive text and approached her aggressively in Towneley Park with her boyfriend after the birth.

She saw the defendant again in Parliament Street with a group of males and he was said to be clutching a baseball bat and wearing a knuckle-duster.

He later made threats to the victim’s new partner.

Phillip Holden (defending) said they were “unpleasant” offences.

He said: “This defendant has been trying to improve matters in his life. There is no doubt he has very many problems to do with his upbringing, mental stability and use of drink and drugs.

“At the time he was using drink and drugs on a regular basis.

“He has tried to curtail his use of cannabis and he has not drunk as much.”