Burnley man (18) jailed for robbery of 71-year-old

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A YOB who took part in a raid on a house where three friends of his dad were robbed of cash and mobile phones has been jailed for three years and nine months.

John Williams (18) had started his criminal career at the age of 10 when he had tried to mug an old lady. He had then committed another attempted robbery four years later and had almost 50 previous convictions.

During the latest attack, the three victims were assaulted and two were left injured, one of them was 71 years old, Burnley Crown Court heard.

Williams, said to have educational difficulties and to suffer from ADHD, had admitted three counts of robbery, on November 19th last year.

Judge Simon Newell told the defendant, of Parkinson Street, Burnley: “It’s a matter of serious concern that it happened within the home of two of the men.”

Lisa Worsley (prosecuting) said that John Johnston (71) and Nicholas Foran (48), who shared the house, were watching television with Jordan Wikinson (21) who was visiting, when the defendant turned up. Mr Johnston and Mr Foran had known him for a number of years.

He had another man with him, they pestered to be allowed in and Mr Foran gave them a cigarette to get rid of them. The victim opened the door slightly to pass the cigarette out and the second man got very aggressive and hit Mr Foran.

Miss Worsley said that the door was forced open, Mr Foran was punched again and the pair then went into the property.

Mr Wilkinson tried to protect Mr Foran from attack and was punched repeatedly. Mr Johnston pulled £15 from his trousers and offered it to the defendant to stop the violence.

The two offenders took mobile phones and Mr Foran and Mr Johnston locked themselves in the kitchen and called 999 on Mr Johnston’s mobile.

The prosecutor said that Mr Foran suffered a cut to his leg and the pensioner was left with bruises and swelling to his eyes. The hearing was told that he had 44 previous convictions. The defendant had a record for possessing knives and had breached court orders.

Mr Richard Taylor (defending) said that Williams was well-known to all three victims as they had been friends of his father’s, but they had not wanted him at the house. The defendant had significant limitations.