Burnley family’s plea for return of pet’s stolen ashes

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A family are appealing for the return of a wishing well from their garden which contained the ashes of their beloved pet.

The wishing well was in Nigel and Pamela Cummins front garden in Coal Clough Lane, Burnley, when it was targeted by thieves early on Wednesday morning.

They had bought it, along with a rose named “thinking of you”, to keep the remains of their pet labrador Jessie who died in June. But they discovered it missing on Wednesday and are appealing for the thieves to at least return the ashes.

Mrs Cummins, who is a nurse at Burnley General Hospital, said: “We had had Jessie since she was a pup and she would have been 14 on Friday. We were very upset when she died and we bought the wooden wishing well and the rose for her ashes because she was so important to us.

“The wishing well only cost about £20 so I don’t know why anyone would steal it. That’s not important to us, we just want Jessie’s ashes returning.” The ashes were inside the wishing well in a plastic bag tied with a pink ribbon.

The couple think the culprits must have taken the wishing well away in a vehicle as it is quite heavy to carry and there was no trail of soil.

They are pleading with the thieves to have a heart and return the ashes.