Burnley drug dealer named and shamed

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THE mugshot of a drug dealer, jailed for four years for supplying cannabis and cocaine on the streets of Burnley, is the main attraction on a leaflet being given out by police in Stoneyholme.

Amjad Khan (25), of Arley Gardens, Burnley, was sent down last month after pleading guilty to supplying class A and class B drugs, four counts of money laundering and fraud.

He admitted supplying half a kilo of cocaine and quantities of cannabis over a period of six months, between September 2009 and February 2010, using the profits he made to hire flash cars, including Golfs and Mercedes, but did not tell insurance and hire companies he had been banned from driving.

The sentence followed a lengthy police investigation during which Burnley’s Targeted Crime Team identified Khan as being the main supplier of cannabis in the Stoneyholme area of Burnley.

Police were contacted after people became suspicious of Khan, who was unemployed and driving around in high-performance cars.

The posters are being distributed in Brougham Street, Gordon Street, Arley Gardens, Castle Street and Burleigh Street, and are emblazoned with: “Four years, thanks to you” and “Your neighbourhood is safer. Let’s keep it that way” to tell residents how long criminals have been sent to prison for and reassure them about the action taken by the police.

Det. Insp. Martin Melvin said: “This clearly illustrates to the people of Burnley that police take drug dealing very seriously. Police are committed to reducing drug-related crime and we will continue to do everything within our power to identify those responsible and bring people like Khan to justice.”

Community Beat Manager PC Ivan Brown added: “Members of the community should not have to endure drug dealing taking place on their doorstep and I hope these leaflets help to reassure local residents that Khan is now off our streets and behind bars.”