Burnley driver left scene after knocking policeman off his bike

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A MOTORIST failed to see a cyclist as he negotiated a roundabout at a time when the traffic lights weren’t working.

Blackburn magistrates heard the front wheel of the bike ended up under the wheel of Naveed Tariq’s vehicle.

After initially stopping, Tariq (21) drove off and the cyclist, an off-duty policeman, was able to get part of his registration number which eventually led to his arrest.

Tariq, of Danehouse Road, Burnley, admitted failing to stop and failing to report an accident, and driving without due care and attention. He was fined £255 with £15 costs and his licence was endorsed with seven penalty points. As a newly-qualified driver the points mean his licence will be revoked and he will have to take his test again.

Catherine Allan (prosecuting) said the officer was cycling home from work and was displaying lights and wearing a high-visibility jacket.

Laura Nash (defending) said, after the impact, the cyclist had sworn at her client. “His disabled mother was in the back of the car and he was concerned because the other man was behaving aggressively,” said Miss Nash.